Answer health-related questions from customers about wine with confidence.

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200 members of the staff have been trained by The Natural Wine School and they helped curate our 100% organic wine menu. We enjoy significant wine sales growth and increasing customer engagement after training! Our month-over-month wine sales grew by 20% after training and creating our organic wine menu. Guests are thrilled that servers understand their dietary restrictions and match them with the right wines. And servers make more tips!

Beverage Manager, TownHall

Upgrade your skills with Wine & Wellness: Level 1 so you can stand out among other wine professionals and truly personalize the wine experience for your health-conscious guests.  

“Wine & Wellness: Level 1” goes beyond standard wine training and contains unique insider knowledge from over 600 organic and natural winemakers and growers from France, Italy, Argentina and the USA.

This will result in…

  • Healthy & happy repeat customers
  • Increased tips
  • Increased status within your professional and social circles
  • Being seen as a valuable resource and team member among your colleagues
  • Referred customers

Avoid guessing out of embarrassment when it comes to recommending the perfect wine for your health-conscious guests.

What's Included In This Course


Be seen as a valuable wine & wellness resource among your colleagues and customers.

Here's what you get when you sign up to start training today:
  •   Customer personas training and accompanying cheat sheet:   $547
  • From vine to bottle farming practices training summarized across 100+ vetted websites saving you 30+hrs of research:   $297
  • Wine Label Bootcamp training and accompanying Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Wine & Wellness to easily match wines for your health-conscious customers:   $297
  • Access to monthly Q&As + wine discussion webinars:   $497
  • Customer-centered wine selection strategies and 'in the field' role play scenarios on answering customer questions   PRICELESS
  • Unique insider knowledge relevant to the next generation of wine customers from over 600 natural winemakers and growers from France, Italy, Argentina and the USA:   PRICELESS

Total Value = $1,638

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for Only $997  $458   $197 

Meet your wine & wellness coach, 

Kathy Clancy

As a health-conscious consumer, former wine server, & certified WSET professional, I know what it feels like to struggle with diet & health related questions about wine.

Frustrated to find science-backed and practical answers, I have invested thousands of hours over the last five years studying first-hand organic & biodynamic wine practices of leading producers from Europe, South America, and the USA. My health and diet information is sourced directly from registered dieticians & credible studies rather than headline and marketing driven news.

My ultimate goal is to personalize wine experiences so you can confidently select a glass that aligns with the health and lifestyle values of people you serve & yourself.

The lack of clear resources & courses on wellness & wine drove me to create The Natural Wine School. Through our focused, efficient & engaging courses, we have successfully trained over 200 wine servers and professionals who report immediate increases in organic wine sales averaging 15% & higher guest satisfaction.

Whether you’re serving wine to a customer, a family member, or a friend, their health and happiness is essential to an exceptional experience.

Let me help you develop your wine and wellness skills so you can WOW your guests with a personalized, enjoyable wine adventure!

"Through the years I’ve sat through 100’s of wine tastings, classes and exposés and though some made the top 10, Kathy blew me away..."
Beverage Director, The Ethos Group
"Organized, detail oriented and easy to comprehend for all experience levels. Our staff truly enjoyed learning from Kathy, and we’ve seen the impact in our sales!"
Director of Operations, The Salerno Group

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