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Whether you serve wine at home or at a restaurant, we have courses available to personalize the wine experience for your & your health-conscious guests.

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exceeded expectations | increased wine sales by 20% | thrilled our guests | by far the best tool in restaurant training

Through the years I’ve sat through 100’s of wine tastings, classes and exposés and though some made the top 10, Kathy blew me away... Dust off the old books and learn new trends quickly. The program is by far the best tool used in restaurant training anywhere and I’ve never found anything like it. It creates a culture and understanding of the natural wine business and its essence. For personal training this is just as extraordinary.

Beverage Director, The Ethos Group

Partnering with The Natural Wine School exceeded expectations. Our staff training was some of the most dynamic wine training I’ve seen in my career. Organized, detail oriented and easy to comprehend for all experience levels. Our staff truly enjoyed learning from Kathy, and we’ve seen the impact in our sales!

Director of Operations, The Salerno Group

200 members of the staff have been trained by The Natural Wine School and they helped curate our 100% organic wine menu. We enjoy significant wine sales growth and increasing customer engagement after training! Our month-over-month wine sales grew by 20% after training and creating our organic wine menu. Guests are thrilled that servers understand their dietary restrictions and match them with the right wines. And servers make more tips!

Beverage Manager, TownHall

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