Wine 101: Wine Label Essentials & AI Tricks

Get savvy on the world hidden within American wine labels. Learn a hands-on approach to mastering US wine label literacy and we'll share ways to utilize AI technology to discover valuable wine insights. With hand-selected wine tastings and light snacks, this course is an ideal blend of learning and enjoyment for anyone looking to deepen their wine knowledge with the help of modern technology. 1.5 hours, 12 person limit. 
  • Format

    In person at Peninsula Wine Cellar, 1653 Main St, Peninsula, Ohio

  • Dates

    Tuesday, April 23
    5PM - 6:30PM

What you are going to learn

Label Literacy!

"Wine 101: Wine Label Essentials and AI Tricks" guides students through the details of American wine labels and how to use the innovative application of AI in wine selection. Delve into the symbols and terms unique to wine labels from three key wine-producing countries, and learn how AI tools can transform the way you discover and select wines. This course promises an enlightening journey into wine label interpretation, enhanced by tasting sessions of select wines.
If you're uncomfortable with AI, I will lead you through two AI sources I prefer, Bing and Gemini. For those using AI frequently, we can discuss more detailed options such as Vivino and CellarTracker.

You will: 

  • Understand Wine Labels: Decode the essential elements of wine labels from the USA such varietal, region, techniques, practices, and vintage. These all influence the wine in the bottle!
  • Leverage AI for Wine Discovery & Selection: Discover how AI and AI-driven apps can be used to obtain in-depth information about wines quickly and efficiently. This empowers you to make smarter wine selections
  • Explore Three Delicious Wines: Taste and appreciate wines from various US regions to enhance your understanding of regional characteristics. Light snacks will be served to complement the wines.

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