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Mastering Wine & Wellness: Workshop Series

Six (6) online sessions that build your wine & wellness acumen! Master how to personalize wine to diets & lifestyles valued by your customers.

Live Interactive Online Course


Mondays, Wednesdays 4PM EST

Six 40-Minute Sessions

Start Date

May 2nd

End Date

May 18th


6 Workshops


$50 per Person

What you are going to learn

Get Smarter About Wellness

This course fills the essential knowledge gaps that modern wine professionals & their teams have when serving today's health-conscious & values-driven customer. 
Throughout this workshop series you will discover: 
  • What's in actually in wine and the latest on health & wine news
  • Why & how sorting your wine customers into segments helps you chose wines your customers will love!
  • The ins & outs of organic, biodynamic, & natural wine farming & winemaking practices
  • The specific clues & "cheats" found on wine labels tied to wellness & health
  • Ways to respond to sulfites, headaches, & bad reactions questions from guests
  • The essentials of Vegan, Keto, and Paleo diets & the perfect wines
  • The top wines to recommend for plant-based, Mediterranean, & other healthy-diets

Workshop Lessons

Kathy Clancy

Founder & Educator at The Natural Wine School
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